Small Hudson Backpack

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Elunani Small Hudson Backpack

The Small Hudson Backpack is the perfect backpack to hold your small books and papers. In fact, it even has a strap for a water bottle, two inside mesh pockets and an area for your device or mini tablet. This bag is available in Silver/Gold or Dark Heather with gold accents. The era of the backpack just being functional is over. Backpacks are now an important fashion statement. The Small Hudson Backpack  will add a fashionable spin to your wardrobe while still being extremely practical.

  • Size W/H/D: 28X36X10cm (11 x 14 x 4 in)
  • Weight: 600g (1.32lb)
  • Woven Color: Gold/Silver or Black
  • Accent Color: None
  • Material: PVC+Polyester+PU
  • Outside Pocket: None
  • Inside Pocket:  (2) Mesh Pocket (1) Pocket with Velcro
    With Shoulder Straps


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